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Lisa Emmert, author of A Southern Girl Reads

Lisa Emmert, author of A Southern Girl Reads

Hey y'all. My name is Lisa and have always been a southern girl at heart.

Born and raised in Springfield, MO, I grew up with a love of books and reading.  I attribute that to my mom for taking me on weekly outings to our local public library and letting me load up with books.  I moved to Chicago after college for an internship, and then to West Palm Beach, FL for my first “real job” as a registered dietitian and diabetes educator.  But, I never really left the South, and so I began a journey back, stopping first in St. Louis, MO and finally in Hot Springs, AR. 

Through all these wanderings, I kept reading and collecting books.  After 12 years as a pediatric diabetes educator at Arkansas Children’s Hospital, I decided to turn my reading obsession into something more.   When I’m not reading and talking about books, I love to travel as much as our bank account allows.  I’m also a wife and exhausted Boymom to Joshua and Jackson. 

Currently, I’m scouting locations downtown to open an independent bookstore.  Stay tuned!

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My next book up for review is Murder of a Lady. Y'all come back to visit soon.

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